Day Care

Playing is the complex work of childhood and the care we provide (and advocate for) both guides and honours the learning that play offers. As loving early years professionals, we also recognize and respect the unique interests of your child.

Stimulating your baby's senses will enable them to reach developmental milestones faster, as well as aid in the development of motor skills. The first year of life is when your baby's brain is growing the fastest and positive developmental changes are enhanced through infants' interaction with their environment.

It is never too early to start reading and making regular reading times a part of the family routine. Reading to your infant supports the development of good communication, vocabulary development & attention span.

We offer high-quality daycare benefit that influences and impacts the development of your baby.  Our small-facilitator-to-child-ratio is extremely important in determining the effects of your child's development. The sensitivity and education of our infant and toddler caregivers promote a positive and healthy development.  

Your child will receive high quality, safe and loving care that will impact the results that relate to high language, math, cognitive and social skills. Our school-oriented activities facilitate cognitive skills early on and at a consistent rate. The abilities and skills needed for success are enhanced by starting early and giving your child the learning advantage: Early Education!

Required age for entry into our Day Care

3 months - 20 months (1 year and 8 months)