Vision and Mission

At Margaret Thelma International School, every learner, every facilitator, every member of staff, every SMIT member, lives the vision and mission of the school.

Living Margaret Thelma School Mission

Our mission shows in everything we do, from nurturing, to caring, to academic excellence. It lives in learners who jump out of bed in the morning eager to come to school, in an approach to learning that cultivates a culture of thinking, in teachers committed to continual professional development. 

Principles We Work With

Our Vision

Our vision at Margaret Thelma International School is to create a school highly regarded for its academic excellence, facilitator training and development and its contribution in actively serving and improving the community in which it operates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every individual:

  • achieves optimal academic excellence and personal growth;
  • is provided with a safe and nurturing learning environment;
  • builds a strong foundation for character development and life-long learning;
  • utilizes best education practices to engage each individual with a rich culture and challenging curriculum;
  • fosters partnerships with families and the communities.