Early Child Care Development Education

Early Years

Margaret Thelma International School brings well-qualified facilitators with many years of experience to our Early Years Education program. We continue to be a progressive school for our young learners. Daily experiences promote the child’s total development so that each child attains maximum all-round growth. The warm, nurturing atmosphere facilitates optimal learning.

An Early Years Education experience at Margaret Thelma International School helps our learners build the early learning readiness skills necessary for success in full-day basic education. The co-operative spirit and collaborative efforts at Margaret Thelma International School ensure that our early experience is enriching for every learner and family. Special memories are created and relationships are formed that can last a lifetime.

We don't rush learners through this time. Everything they do - from what they learn, to the relationships they build and the challenges they navigate, lays a foundation for their future. We are here to help them, and you, through these years, and believe that the care your child receives at Margaret Thelma International School will span a lifetime.

Required age for entry into Early Years I (Pre-Nursery)

20 months (1 year and 8 months) - 36 months (3 years)

Required age for entry into Early Years II (Nursery I)

3 years - 4 years

Required age for entry into Early Years III (Nursery II)

4 years - 5 years

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

1. General
2. Self-respect and self-confidence
3. Building relationships
4. Behaviour and self-control
5. Looking after oneself
6. A sense of community

Communication, Language and Literacy

1. Language for communication
2. Language for thinking
3. Linking sounds with letters
4. Reading
5. Writing
6. Handwriting

Cognitive Development

1. Figures as symbols and a means of counting
2. Calculations
3. Shape, space and measures