Our Journey

Founded in 2007 by Mr and Mrs Umenyiora, and started with about 15 learners and 10 dedicated staff, Margaret Thelma International School has grown to be a strong centre for learning. There are four Sports Houses at Margaret Thelma International School namely: Barney House (Green), Big Bird House (Yellow), Mickey Mouse House (Red) and Winnie the Pooh House (Orange). Each house is named after a well-known cartoon character, depicting the learners friendly environment of the school.

Margaret Thelma International School is well-known throughout the city as a centre for excellence where young girls and boys are educated to assume an active mature and confident role in our society. We strive to develop our learners in every way. Confidence and a high self-esteem are what we help our learners build so that they are equipped to cope with the treasures and challenges of life.

We believe in diversity of education. Whilst success in the classroom is essential, it is equally important to provide our learners with the opportunity to experience a broad range of activities and interests. Our skilled, dedicated staff and our superb facilities allow us to make this possible.

In addition to their curricular responsibilities, our educators are involved in providing an extensive choice of extra-curricular activities to give a balance to learners' educational experience. A visit to our school will give you an insight into the full services we render. However, the following is a list of academic information and extra-curricular activities offered at Margaret Thelma International School.